Insurance Partners

Med-Lake Laboratory accepts many commercial and government plans. If you would like to see what your plan allows, give us a call and our on-site billing will be happy to do a personalized benefits check.

Medicare of Georgia – Effective 05/23/2019
Railroad Medicare – Effective 02/13/2020

Commercial Plans

Medicare of Georgia – Effective 05/23/2019
Railroad Medicare – Effective 02/13/2020
State Medicaid Programs
Medicaid of Georgia – Effective 4/1/2019
❖ Medicaid CMO Plans
➢ Peach State Health Plans – Effective 11/01/2019
➢ Amerigroup – Effective 4/21/2020
➢ Wellcare – Effective TBD
Medicaid of Kentucky – Effective 7/1/2019
❖ Medicaid CMO Plans
➢ Wellcare of Kentucky – Effective 2/5/2020
➢ Passport – Effective – 08/02/2019
Medicaid of Colorado – Effective 10/11/2019
Medicaid of Texas – Effective 03/01/2020
Medicaid of Alabama – Effective 10/01/2019
Medicaid of Louisiana – Effective 03/20/2020
❖ Medicaid CMO Plans
o Healthy Blue – Effective 7/24/2020
o Aetna Better Health Inc. – Effective 8/1/20
Medicaid of New Mexico – Effective 01/24/2020
Medicaid of Florida – Effective 10/20/2020

Government Plans

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia– Effective 6/3/2019 (PPO products only; non par
with BC HMO and POS)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama – Effective 2/18/20 (Preferred lab and Blue Advantage)
Blue Cross of Texas – PPO/POS Network, Blue Advantage HMO, Medicare Advantage, Blue
Essentials Network, HMO Medicaid Manage Care, Traditional Indemnity
Multiplan Network – Any commercial plans with PPO benefits through Multiplan. The
insurance cards with have the Multiplan logo on the front or back of the card.
Tricare East and Tricare Prime Network – Effective 7/1/2020

*We accept all commercial plans in which the patient has an active PPO policy.
*Accept does not mean we have an in-network provider agreement with that plan, however we
will file claims to that plan for payment on behalf of the member.

State In-Network Providers