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What is Molecular Testing?

PCR testing is a method to analyze a short sequence of DNA (or RNA). The reverse transcriptase allows a single strand of RNA to be translated into a complimentary strand of DNA. This testing allows physicians to achieve better treatment outcomes, faster detection times, and expedited symptom relief.


Why use Molecular Testing?

  • eliminate sample failure due to contamination
  • faster turn-around time with rapid identification
  • identifies the pathogens correctly the first time, leading to better patient care
  • simultaneously detect and identify the specific bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens 

Available PCR Testing

  • Molecular Urine Panel
  • Sexual Health Panel
  • Genital Ulcer Panel
  • STI Panel
  • Respiratory Pathogen
  • Panel
  • Toenail Fungus Panel
  • Wound Care Panel
  • GI Panel
  • C-Diff