Toxicology (Technical)

A leader in urine and oral fluid drug testing, Med-Lake Laboratory offers the most effective and innovative drug testing solutions in the industry. Our team of experienced toxicologists and laboratory professionals are dedicated to providing fast and reliable test results, with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our practice. We also realize that quality results require a quality specimen, that’s why we have developed the only comprehensive drug testing solution to ensure specimen validity.

Urine Drug Screens

Med-Lake Laboratory utilizes market-leading, high-throughput chemistry analyzers to deliver quality screening results with the industry’s best turnaround times. But what really sets Med-Lake’s drug screening services apart is our unique ability to detect adulterated, diluted or substituted urine.

Innovative & Effective Validity Testing

No matter how effective substance abuse testing is, there will always be individuals who attempt to beat drug testing. This can be done by diluting the urine specimen, causing chemical breakdown through ingesting something into the body or adding it directly into the specimen, or substituting their urine for another substance amongst other methods. Med-Lake Laboratory’s validity testing confirms whether or not the sample submitted for drug testing has been adulterated – e.g., diluted, adulterated, fake (counterfeit / synthetic) or not the sample of the donor.

Unlike other laboratories, Med-Lake can detect multiple proteins native to the urinary tract which cannot be duplicated by manufacturers of synthetic urine. This ability gives our providers the confidence they need to ensure that the urine which was collected was not counterfeit.

Another distinguishing factor which sets Med-Lake’s urine drug screens apart is that we don’t simply measure for oxidizing chemical additives (e.g. bleach), we instead measure oxidized biomarkers which have been altered by ingestion of oxidizing agents found in common detox drinks or added directly to the sample. By analyzing and quantifying oxidized biomarkers instead of the oxidizing chemical which can only be detected for 1-3 days, we can detect a history of oxidation for up to 30 days following an attempted adulteration.

Med-Lake’s urine drug screens also measure urine pH to detect acid adulteration as low as pH 2.0, and creatinine which can indicate simple dilution or in-vivo overhydration.

Med-Lake gives you the confidence that you need to ensure sample validity by detecting 18 classes of subversion:

  • Counterfeit urine
  • Oxidant adulterants
  • Simple dilution
  • Acid Alkali
  • Urine from another
  • Freeze dried human urine
  • Cationic detergent
  • Enzyme inhibitors
  • Glucuronidase inhibitors
  • Heavy metals
  • Salt adulterants
  • In-vivo dilution
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Protease
  • Acid buffer
  • Alkaline buffer
  • Reverse-flow catheter use for substitution
  • Prescription abuse for DOA

Drug Confirmations

At Med-Lake Laboratory, we recognize the critical role of drug testing in making informed decisions that can impact lives. That’s why we offer a comprehensive LC/MS drug confirmation menu of more than 100 analytes, covering both common and emerging drugs of interest. Our commitment to staying current with the ever-changing landscape means that we are constantly updating our menu, ensuring that you have the latest information and the confidence you need to make informed decisions. As your trusted partner for comprehensive drug testing solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate, timely and reliable confirmation testing services available.

Oral Fluid Drug Confirmation

In addition to urine, we also offer oral fluid drug confirmations. Oral fluid testing is particularly useful in situations where a urine sample cannot be collected, such as in cases where the donor is unable to provide a sample due to medical reasons or is uncomfortable providing a urine sample. It is also a preferred method in situations where the collection process needs to be observed, as oral fluid samples can be collected under direct supervision, ensuring that the sample has not been tampered with.

D/L Methamphetamine Isomer Confirmation

Methamphetamine has two isomers: D-methamphetamine, a CNS stimulant and DEA Schedule 2 drug commonly known as “Meth” or “Speed”, and L-methamphetamine, found in some OTC medications. Our D/L methamphetamine isomer test provides specific information about the percentage of D-methamphetamine and L-methamphetamine in a specimen, helping to distinguish between licit and illicit use.

Alcohol EtG/EtS Confirmation

Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is an ethanol metabolite detectable in urine for up to 80 hours after ingestion, indicating recent ethanol consumption. Ethyl sulfate (EtS) is another ethanol biomarker, detected and reported by Med-Lake in combination with EtG to confirm recent ingestion or exposure. Detection of both biomarkers provides greater accuracy than detecting either alone.

Customized Profiles

Med-Lake Laboratory offers a comprehensive drug analyte menu which enables ordering physicians to customize their own unique panels that are tailored to their practice’s specific needs. In addition to selecting from a wide range of analytes, providers can also include additional options such as Medication Match, Reflex to Confirm Screen, Reflex to EtG/EtS, and Reflex to D/L Methamphetamine confirmation.


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