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According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths in 2017.

  • Med-Lake Laboratory provides customizable testing menus to meet patient specific needs.
  • We offer Urine Screens as well as Confirmation Profiles with our advanced LC/MS to identify possible medication abuse, illicit drug use, or medication diversion.
  • Our skilled laboratory staff provide accurate result within 48-72 hours.
  • Make sure your workplace is “drug free” with our corporate drug testing. Our technicians will collect the samples at your location making it convenient for both you and your employees. We also provide walk-in testing Monday-Friday 8am-4pm at our company headquarters.

What is the difference between a screen and a confirmation?
Screen Testing

  • Basic, Intermediate, and Full drug screen panels available that are customizable to your needs.
  • Test for the drug class only with a positive or negative result.
  • See the Drug Reference Chart listed under the test menu for specific drug ranges.

    Confirmation Testing
  • Med-Lake Laboratory offers over 100 analytes available for urine confirmation testing.
  • Our LC/MS technology provides a molecular fingerprint of the drugs that are present in the sample and provides corresponding measured drug concentrations with detection limits much lower than screening assays.
  • Provides greater confidence in what drugs are truly present in a patient sample.

Synthetic Urine Testing

  • Med-Lake Laboratory provides unique toxicology specimen validity testing that can help physicians better monitor and treat their patients.
  • Through patented immunoassay analysis of naturally occurring proteins in human urine, specimens that are synthetic, substituted or adulterated can be easily identified.
  • Identification of synthetic and substituted urine samples is a landmark step for drug testing toxicology.
  • Specimen validity testing offers a holistic approach to toxicological patient monitoring, providing more information to physicians and allowing for customized clinical care.